700mm Acrylic Bending Machine Heater

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700mm Acrylic/Plastic/PVC Bending Machine Heater

For Lightboxes, Showcase/Display Cases etc.

With Infrared Ray Calibration, 0.3-10mm Thickness, 220V

For bending Acrylic, Plexi glass, PVC, PC, ABS, PP etc. Applicable thickness is 0.3-10mm.

The acrylic bending machine is an equipment which can softens and bends materials such as acrylic, organic plate, PVC, etc and other various thermoplastic materials into shapes by heating. It is widely applied.

• Humanized design, easy operation, and convenient use.
• Big worktable, boot without other assistance.
• Advanced infrared heating technology with circulating water cooling system, adjustable temperature.
• Adjustable heating surface of material, with scale to guarantee heating surface’s accuracy, conformity, ensure good bending effect.
• Evenly heated, instantly shaped, no deformation, no scorch, no foaming.

Instant forming, temperature adjustable; Water circulating cooling system equipped;

Acrylic Plastic PVC Bending Machine with Infrared ray calibration details:

• Far infrared heating, possible to bend for different angles;
• Equipped with water circulating cooling pump and water hose;
• Temperature adjustable 0-600℃, heating width adjustable 0-20mm;
• Backside cooling fan.

acrylic bending Machine is also called plastic plate bending machine, soften and bend the plastic plate by heating.

Component function:
1. Water input joint
2. Water output joint
3. Power plug
4. Protective tube
5. Heating switch
6. Temperature controller
7. Heating surface controller

1. Put the main machine on a stable table
2. Insert the plug.
3. Insert two water tubes, one end of tube with copper insert stick into the water pump. The other head of both tube stick into the copper joints on the main machine.
4. 20L volume bucket or water tank, fill up with water, fix the water pump to the bottom of bucket/ tank. As below:

1. Insert the plugs of water pump and main machine, turn on heating switch. The heating rod starts heating, cooling water starts to circulate.
2. Adjust the proper temperature according to the plate material and thickness, also adjust the heating surface controller gap to appropriate size.
3. Wait until the heating tube get red, put the material onto the worktable to heat, make sure the material just above the heating tube.
4. Bend the soft material promptly to any angle you want, cool for a while.
5. Finish, turn off the heating switch, then the pump.

This Acrylic Plastic PVC Bending Machine is increasingly used in school technological innovation course, decoration projects, packing of square columns or wall corners, fish tank, window edge, display counter, supermarket shelves, advertising light box, art products making, etc.
Decoration industry: Acrylic bending side, acrylic display rack, acrylic decoration bending, etc.
Industry: safety guard on machinery, protective cover for production line, production line exhibition stand, storage box, etc.

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